Financial Overview

As a community based non-profit, our goal is to make sure your donation goes to those in need and to help our community. Board members/staff volunteer their time and operation expenses are kept to a minimum.

In 2023, we took in $72,000 in donations and fundraising. Aligning with our mission statement, we donated $75,000 back into the community in 2023. Of that, over $17,000 went to support first responder and military families who lost their loved one in the line of duty, tragic accident, or from cancer. $13,100 was allocated for community families going through life-altering circumstances such as a house fire or serious illness. Over $12,900 went into scholarships supporting students entering fields that directly service the community such as nursing, criminal justice, teaching, etc. $11,500 was devoted to children and adults at risk for basic needs (heating, clothing and food) and outreach programs that build them up. $10,000 was designated to help local food pantries and shelters, while $2500 went towards senior citizens programs. $7,500 funded items in support of veterans and active military.

Since inception in 2018, we’ve donated over $380,000 with you as our partner!

Funds Raised in 2023
Expenses in 2023