Officers of the Board

Tricia Tarentino

President/Chairman of Board

Tricia Tarentino is the wife of the officer for whom this charity bears his name. She and Ron were married for 20 years and were blessed with 3 incredible sons. She is serving as president of the Tarentino Charitable Fund as a way to honor him and the commitment they made to family values, character and community. She believes in the powerful investment in children. Trish is a public school teacher with a Masters in Special Education and has worked in the field of education for over 25 years in many capacities. Tricia also has a background in advertising and marketing, as well as health information management. She oversees operations of the committees within the charity and works to promote each component of the mission. She has served on the board of other non-profits and implemented or participated in many community-based outreach programs including a food pantry, educational and character-building events for students, Special Olympics and working with senior citizen organizations.

Ron Tarentino, Sr. and Sharon Tarentino

Ron Tarentino, Sr. and Sharon Tarentino have been married for 50 years and raised 4 children, Ron being the oldest. They have 4 grandchildren. Ron Sr. is a retired police officer of 42 years of service and continues to give his time to the department he has invested so much of himself in. Sharon and Ron are hard-working Americans who raised their children to respect and care for others. They provided the foundation for the character that we all admired in Ron and sit on this board as a way to keep Ron’s legacy going by helping others. They are deeply committed to building up communities that support one another, including the first responder community.

Catherine D’Elia Fontaine

Board Co-Chair/Secretary

Catherine D’Elia Fontaine has worked in the healthcare industry for 25 years in both the non-profit and for-profit sector. She is currently an Executive Director and Lifecare Center of Auburn. Catherine has a unique ability to bring a team together by fostering a sense of trust, respect and professionalism. She demonstrates a daily commitment to patient care and customer service. Catherine has also been an advocate for senior and youth health and wellness, creating programs to encourage and adapt healthy lifestyles. She is a certified R.A.D. instructor, teaching self-defense to women and teens. She co-chaired the development and oversight of a non-profit Long-Term Care Resident Fundraiser for 10 years, raising over $750,000.00. Catherine has participated on committees creating long term strategic plans that proved success both financially and operationally.

Catherine is the Secretary for the Officer Ronald Tarentino Jr. Charitable Fund, participating in a variety of services for both the community and raising funds to support the ORTJCF’s mission. Her commitment to the ORTJCF is driven by her values and respect of family, community and law enforcement.

Danielle Tarentino

Board Co-Chair/Treasurer

Danielle Tarentino has worked in retail for over 25 years as an Administrative Coordinator, responsible for reconciling daily receipts in compliance with company guidelines, managing administrative, clerical and office activities. She is the liaison between management and store associates, disseminating needed information and administering training to new employees. As board co-chair and treasurer, her duties include managing the finances of the ORTJ Charitable Fund, working with the private tax accountant, planning and investments, merchandising/sales and maintaining accurate records of charity transactions. She enjoys getting to help members of the community through this charity; it holds a very special place in her heart as she strives to continue her brother’s legacy.

Tim Fontaine

Tim Fontaine retired from the Leicester Police Department after a 35 year career in law enforcement that included time as a detective, firearms instructor, crime scene investigator, and sexual assault investigator. In addition to his work with the Leicester Police Department, he works in conjunction with various communities, colleges and other law enforcement agencies to instruct and support a program called R.A.D. (a train-the-trainer program to teach other officers how to instruct a women’s self-defense program). Through the years Tim worked his way through the reins of the police department from Patrolman to Detective. Within these 34 years of law enforcement he has paid close attention to community involvement and relationships. Tim is an advocate for participating in programs that support the alignment of Law Enforcement and Community. Tim currently sits on the Board for the Officer Ronald Tarentino Jr. Charitable Fund, organizing and implementing a series of fund raiser events to support not only the ORTJCF, but also other foundations such as “Cops for Kids with Cancer” through the Pink Patch Program and 365Z Foundation “A Commitment to Kindness”. His orchestration to bring awareness and support to these various charities is a small example of his commitment to giving back to the community through generosity, kindness and service. Tim is currently the Director of Security for a local corporation.

Jeffrey Cammuso

Jeffrey Cammuso retired as a Deputy from the Department of Correction after 34 years of service in 2016. He has volunteered for many organizations over the past 30 years, including serving on the Board of Directors for the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism (1999 to 2010), Why-Me Sherry House (2007 to Present), 365Z Foundation (2013 to Present), Safe Road Alliance (2018-present). As part of his dedication to charitable efforts and fundraising, Jeff founded the Greendale Youth Flag Football League in 1995, founded the Sherry’s Bowl in 2006 and developed “Spooky Walks” for several non-profit organizations from 1998 to 2010. Jeff has been married to his wife Laurie for the past 34 years and has 3 children, Janell, John and Michael. Jeff shares that he is honored and humbled to be a part of the Officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. Charitable Fund Board of Directors. He uses his time and talents to provide daily guidance for charity growth and development, create an alliance of non-profit organizations to support one another and puts ideas into the actions that drive the mission of the ORTJCF forward.

Keith Chipman

Keith Chipman is a police officer with the Auburn Police Department and was previously a dispatcher in Auburn and an officer in Douglas, before becoming an officer for Auburn in 2008. He is a motorcycle officer and car seat technician for the department. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as a Marine Security Guard at the U.S. Embassies in Ankara, Turkey and Moscow, Russia. Keith lives in Leicester with his wife, Miranda and two boys, Camden and Cole. He enjoys participating in community events, interacting with youths and families in a positive and fun manner. He is a supporter of numerous Veteran organizations and is committed to helping others in the community. Keith sits on the ORTJ Charitable Fund board, dedicating his time to the charity growth and development and fundraising committees.

Matt Laskes

Matt Laskes met Ron in 2008 while attending the full-time police academy together and quickly became close friends. Most of the time they could be found carpooling together, sampling the fine selection of breakfast items at Mike’s Donuts or sharing a laugh while making fun of each other. They remained steadfast friends after graduation and eventually would find themselves as coworkers, both transferring to the Auburn Police Department. Prior to his law enforcement career, Matt spent 10 years in the marketing and communications field, working with both smaller local business and large-scale national clients. Giving back since he was 14, Matt has dedicated his off time in various ways, from volunteering in a local nursing home to organizing a “Secret Santa” program for nearly 200 kids within the community. After Ron’s passing, Matt knew that he wanted to do something to honor who Ron was. He is an integral part of the ORTJCF to help carry on the positive things that Ron did for his community, both on and off duty.

Jennifer Tarentino McMahon

Jennifer Tarentino McMahon is the middle of Ron’s three sisters. She has worked as a certified medical sonographer for the past 12 years at a local community hospital, specializing in patient care and high-tech diagnostic data for treatment of different medical conditions. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree from Salem State University in Art and Graphic Design. Jen serves on the Tarentino Charitable Fund Board, using her creative talent to support both the Scholarship and Education Committee and the Fundraising and Event Committee, but also assists with grant research and donation correspondence. Jen is compelled by her dedication to her brother and belief that the work of the charitable board will make a real difference to others in need.

Dan Dyson

Dan Dyson has been in public service his entire adult life. He served with the US Air Force upon graduating from high school, serving overseas in Europe and in the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm and Southern Watch. He also served as a call Firefighter and EMT for the towns of Leicester and Auburn. He has been a police officer since 1997. He worked with Ron in both the Leicester and Auburn Police Departments. Dan sits on this charitable board to honor Ron, continue to be involved in strengthening the community and building strong relationships. Dan, and his wife Melissa, own and operate their own business, Rustic Pride, Inc., and formerly a photography business. Dan brings his woodworking talent, photography and graphic design skills to his work in the charity organization on a number of projects. Dan enjoys spending his time off with his family, cherishing time with his grandson Levi, woodworking and also volunteering for the veterans’ organization Project New Hope, whom we partner with for many veteran related service opportunities.

Melissa Dyson

Melissa Dyson graduated from Becker College with an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Psychology. Upon graduation, she was hired at the Becker College Day Care Center on their Worcester campus where she worked for 10 years and as the Student Activities Coordinator on their Leicester campus for 7 years. She has been a nanny for over 15 years caring and enjoying all the developmental stages for children 4 months - 7 years old and is currently a nanny for an adorable and inquisitive one year old. Melissa and her husband Dan have 2 children and are incredible grandparents to their grandson Levi. Together, they established more than one business and use their creative talents and charitable spirit to lift up everyone around them. Our board is fortunate to have Melissa join us, as she is a kind-hearted individual who is passionate about the well-being of people and always looking for ways to fill the needs of others.

Sue Hall

A lifelong resident of Worcester, Sue is married with 2 sons and employed by the City of Worcester.

“Since my boys were little, I have volunteered in different capacities. When my youngest was 15, back in 2008, the unthinkable happened. He had a virus attack his heart, he was put on life support, and the top of the transplant list. We were blessed with a full recovery, but it put me in a different mindset with life. More compassionate to others. I created a group to learn more about this disease and became involved with the Myocarditis foundation. Putting people together to help each other. Then in the mist of Covid, another unthinkable happened to my oldest son, On June 23, 2020, he was the victim of a hit and run motorcycle accident. Again I was thrown into the world of ‘we don’t think your son will survive this’ 50 days in the ICU and so many surgeries to put him back together. Four months later he finally came home. While not a full recovery, it is as close as you can get to being back. We are so blessed to have them both. What happened during both of my boys near death experience was love and support, prayers and hope. People would say you were always there to help others, let us help you now. Tragedy and Trauma have been a part of my life, but all that did was want me to give back more.”

Sue continues to give back to the community in many different ways as a way to “pay it forward.” In particular, she is compassionate towards the first responder community for saving her son after his motorcycle accident.

“I’m a survivor and I’m thankful for all the help I’ve gotten. Giving back in any little way is healing.”

Fred LaFlash

Fred has lived in the town of Leicester for more than 50 years. He has been married for 32 years and has two children. He retired in December 2022 after 34 years in law enforcement, working 19 years with the Leicester Police Department and 15 years with the Auburn Police Department. He has been involved with the Leicester Little League, Leicester Youth Basketball and Leicester/Spencer Youth Football, as well as coaching football, basketball and baseball at Leicester High School and is now serving as the school’s athletic director.

“The first time I met Ron Tarentino, I was on a committee that was interviewing candidates for an open part time police position in the Town of Leicester. I recall Ron talking about helping the kids of Leicester through sports and wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps.  I later had the privilege of working alongside Ron while members of the Auburn Police Department.”

Brian Kennedy

Brian has been a Police Officer in Auburn for 33 years, currently serving as a Sergeant on the Evening Shift. During his career he has been assigned to all three shifts and held specialty assignments as a DARE Officer(9yrs), back up Court Officer(12yrs) and as a School Resource Officer(12yrs). He has been heavily involved in his community, volunteering as an Auburn FastPitch softball coach, Auburn Unified soccer coach, Auburn Little League baseball coach and Auburn Rec League basketball coach. Brian worked closely with Auburn Youth and Family Services speaking with children of all ages in their after-school programs, volunteering as a judge for their annual fundraiser “Dancing With The Stars of Auburn” and then competed as one of the Auburn Stars (it was not pretty!). He has volunteered at numerous Special Olympic events in town after having created a bond with these great athletes working in the schools.

Brian was also on the committee which started and ran the Auburn Police Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament for 9 years, donating all proceeds to the Dana Farber Cancer Research in honor of Officer Eric Snay. Brian has also volunteered at Auburn Police Association events as well as in the early days in 2016 soliciting donations for the Comedy Show, selling tickets to raffle off the Mustang, and assisting at the Tarentino Road Race.

Also, as the SRO, he helped select scholarship recipients for the Lukas, Snay, and Tarentino Scholarships through the APA, the Joel H Prouty Masonic Lodge Scholarship and the Tarentino Charitable Fund Scholarship all at AHS. Brian has been married to his wife, Rita for almost 29 years and are the parents of three adult children,  Alexa, Lauren and Nolan.